Building a European Ocean Observing System (EOOS): Save the date for two events in 2018

Save the date for two milestone EOOS events in 2018: 

  • EOOS Forum, 8 March 2018, Brussels, and
  • EOOS Conference, 21-23 November 2018, Brussels

Developed in synergy these events will address how to:

  • Align and connect existing initiatives to ensure efficiency and value for money;
  • Identify gaps in the European observing capacity and foster initiatives to fill those gaps;
  • Promote observing capacities which can benefit multiple sectors including research, policy, management, and industry;
  • Ensure that European ocean observing is integrated into the global observation systems.

EuroGOOS and EMB have joined efforts to help promote and set up a comprehensive framework for the European ocean observations, the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS). The EOOS process started back in 2007 during the development of the European Integrated Maritime Policy – the ocean science and observations communities made a clear call on the policymakers that for an integrated maritime policy an integrated European ocean observing is critical. The current system in Europe is predominantly based on the observations done by individual states, and for their specific purposes. The European Union have established a strong policy framework to promote sustainable observations, and have set up important and effective marine data integration initiatives. However, without the critical national European efforts, those pan-European initiatives and frameworks are not sustained. 

EOOS vision is to develop a truly integrated and sustained European ocean observing capacity, where decisions and focus areas can be jointly made and prioritized, helping to achieve fit-for-purpose services for a wide range of ocean users, from industry, to science, to policy and society.

In 2016, EuroGOOS and EMB brought together an EOOS steering group composed of several ocean observing experts and European Commission representatives, to advance the EOOS vision and drive forward the first integration steps. The EOOS steering group developed a consultation document on EOOS which was open for public stakeholder consultation in late 2016-early 2017. Based on the results, the EOOS strategy will be developed and finalized at the EOOS Forum on 8 March 2018. Major national and international stakeholders responsible for ocean observing funding will get together for the EOOS Forum to discuss the way forward for the EOOS strategy. Eight months later, on 21-23 November, an EOOS Conference, organized with the EMODnet secretariat, will take place to discuss the implementation steps with a broad EOOS community and related initiatives in Europe and beyond.

All information about the events will be made available on the EOOS website

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