EuroGOOS at the GOOS Regional Forum

The 7th GOOS Regional Alliances Forum took place in Heraklion, on 22-24 September. The forum provided an opprotunity for the 13 GOOS Regional Alliances (GRA) from around the globe to share best practice and measure progress towards overall GOOS objectives. EuroGOOS presented the global modelling inventory work underatken by Patrick Gorringe (EuroGOOS) and Laura Greisbauer (NOAA) as well as a pilot global data portal for real-time oceanographic data. Erik Buch, EuroGOOS chair, was elected vice-chair of the forum. Tim Moltmann of IMOS, Australia, replaces Zdenka Willis (NOAA) as forum chair. There is significant scope to build oceanographic capacity in the Black Sea and Southern Mediterranean Sea through the GRA process. EuroGOOS will work closely with IOC and JCOMM in the coming months to initiate activities on capacity building.

Back to back with the forum, EuroGOOS held a meeting of its HF Radar Task Team. Through this network EuroGOOS coordinates the European HFR operators and ensures that data delivered feeds into EMODnet and CMEMS.  EuroGOOS Task Teams operate in the context of the European Ocean Observing System, EOOS.

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