Enhancing public impact: EuroGOOS survey on Ocean Literacy in ocean observing and forecasting

On 30 May, on the occasion of the European Maritime Day Conference, our Ocean Literacy Working Group is releasing a long-awaited survey on public engagement activities in oceanography. From visualisation of ocean data, to developing teaching materials, sharing scientific knowledge, and citizen science – ocean observing and forecasting activities are fondamental and powerful resources to… Read more »

MakeEUBlue Awards 2024: Submit your initiative by 23 February

The EU4Ocean coalition is organising its third “MakeEUBlue” Awards competition that will honor significant achievements in ocean literacy in Europe. Supported by the European Commission, the awards aim to raise awareness about the seas’ importance and encourage ocean literacy initiatives with long-term value. The projects must be aligned with the EU4Ocean philosophy and mobilise organisations from the different communities of the… Read more »