Defence Centre for Operational Oceanography (FCOO)

The Defence Centre for Operational Oceanography (FCOO) is part of the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization. We develop and distribute dual-use products for operational use by the Danish Armed Forces, especially the Royal Danish Navy. This means that we provide oceanographical, hydrographical and meteorological support in the form of data and advice which is used in support of national and international operations and exercises. Dual-use implies that military products often can be used for civilian purposes.

FCOO collects, validates, stores, and disseminates oceanographical, meteorological and hydrographical data and products. Four times a day we produce a “weather report for the sea”, which generates input to a wide range of use, especially for search and rescue operations, oil spill predictions, ice reports and forecasts for the Danish waters and last but not least, in support of the Vessel Trafficking Services and safety of navigation purposes. Data and products are developed not only for Danish waters but increasingly also for use and support in arctic areas – especially the waters surrounding Greenland.

We are the single point of contact in the Defence in relation to meteorological, oceanographical and hydrographical data and products and the associated work in the Defence area and NATO. We use data from satellites for example for monitoring and surveillance as well as in connection with the validation of FCOO products. In addition, FCOO collects and stores AIS information for a variety of uses. We cooperate closely with several other Danish authorities like DMI, DMA and DTU as well as with a wide range of international institutions.

FCOO consists of 14 employees, including engineers, oceanographers and meteorologists as well as data and IT specialists – many with a Ph.D.


Marine Forecast – Forecast and measurements for Danish Waters: or

IFM Maps – Forecast for Greenland:

Seatrack – Oil drift forecasting system for Danish and Greenland Waters:

Other products can be found at: