University of Bremen (IUP)

UB calculates daily in near real time wordwide sea ice concentrations, based on data of the passive microwave imager ASMR2 (Advanced Scanning Microwave Radiometer on EOS) on the NASA spacecraft Aqua. Using the highest frequency (85 GHz) channels (v and h pol) and the ASI (Artist Sea Ice) concentration algorithm, allows to present the highest resolving ice concentration maps which are currently daily and globally available. Also daily maps of thin ice thickness maps are produced from SMOS L-band passive microwave data.

Each day, 2 hemispherical ice concentration maps are provided in a 6.25 km grid and 20 regional maps in a 3.125 km grid. The maps are updated twice per day around 0300 UTC (complete data of day before) and 1600 UTC (current day, sometimes not yet full coverage). As a backup service, also SSM/I-based ice concentration maps at lower resolution are presented. The maps are provided within the framework of the GMES initiative Polar View. See: