EuroGOOS Executive Board meeting: main outcomes

The EuroGOOS Executive Directors Board met at the EuroGOOS office in Brussels on 27 and 28 January. The meeting addressed the implementation of the EuroGOOS strategy in the EuroGOOS regional systems (ROOSes), as well as the working groups and operational task teams. The Board welcomed the ongoing work with the global networks GEO and JCOMM… Read more »

Copernicus call for interest survey

The European Environment Agency (EEA) have launched a stakeholder survey on the Copernicus programme. This survey aims at gathering information on user needs which will help defining the high level requirements for the next generation of Copernicus Space Component. Both existing and potential new users are asked to participate. The questionnaire can be filled in directly on the web. The personal… Read more »

UN’s First Global Integrated Marine Assessment released

The full text of the UN’s First Global Integrated Marine Assessment (The World Ocean Assessment) was released online today. It had been welcomed by the General Assembly in December.  It was the first time that the General Assembly was provided with a comprehensive scientific and socioeconomic assessment to guide its decisions on oceans. The report… Read more »

EuroGOOS welcomes new staff member

We are happy to welcome Vicente Fernández who has joined the EuroGOOS Office team in Brussels. Vicente holds a PhD in physical oceanography and a Master in environmental engineering and management. He has an extensive experience with focus on ocean modelling, metocean data analysis and coastal ocean observing systems. He has worked in several research and… Read more »

EMODnet Open Conference: Consolidating the foundations, building the future

The EMODnet 1st Open Conference took place in Ostend on 20 October. The event was followed by a series of partner meetings for the seven EMODnet lots, on 21 and 22 October. Over 350 participants got together in the Ostend cultural centre De Grote Poste for the open conference. The conference presented an impressive progress… Read more »

EuroGOOS Chairs and Executive Board Meetings, 14-15 October

EuroGOOS Chairs of working groups, task teams and Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems met jointly with the Executive Board, on 14 October. The meeting discussed the requirements for the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS), the process led by EuroGOOS together with the European Marine Board and other strategic actors. EOOS will underpin the full value chain,… Read more »

EuroGOOS at the GOOS Regional Forum

The 7th GOOS Regional Alliances Forum took place in Heraklion, on 22-24 September. The forum provided an opprotunity for the 13 GOOS Regional Alliances (GRA) from around the globe to share best practice and measure progress towards overall GOOS objectives. EuroGOOS presented the global modelling inventory work underatken by Patrick Gorringe (EuroGOOS) and Laura Greisbauer (NOAA) as… Read more »