MET Norway oceanographic data

Oceanographic information and data for the Nordic Seas and Arctic Ocean from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Link to service.

IMR Research data

The Institute of Marine Research continuously collects large amounts of data from all Norwegian seas. Data are collected using vessels, observation buoys, manual measurements, gliders – amongst others. Link to portal.

Marine Data Centre (IMI)

The National Marine Data Centre of Ireland consists of hosted online data services including descriptive metadata to find data, maps and graphs to view data; and services to download data. The Digital Ocean concept acts as the one-stop-shop to all data related to marine matters including all the activities, programmes and services provided by the… Read more »

HZG data portals

Datasets from the Institute for Coastal Research, HZG. Link to products.

BSH products

BSH offers a wide range of products to merchant shipping and small-craft users. Link to products.

PREVIMER (Ifremer)

PREVIMER is a system aiming to provide a wide range of users, from private individuals to professionals, with daily observations and short-term forecasts about the coastal environment along the French coastlines bordering the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea.