National Institute of Oceanography and Experimental Geophysics (OGS)

OGS is an internationally oriented public research institution. This institution operates and develops its own mission in the European Research Area (ERA) and internationally, prioritising the basic and applied research fields of:

  • Oceanography (under the Physical, Chemical and Biological aspects);
  • Geophysics and Marine Geology;
  • Experimental and Explorative Geophysics.

OGS applies its own expertise in Earth Sciences, and in Marine and Polar regions to contribute not only to the spreading and widening of the knowledge but also to the practical solution of environmental, economic, and social issues in line with the National Program of Research (PNR) and strategic objectives set by the EU, with particular reference to Horizon 2020.

OGS is active in Arctic Research, both in the field of Oceanography and Geology.