Euro-Argo receives recognition as ERIC

Euro-Argo – Global ocean observing infrastructure gets EU legal status

Source: EC DG Research & Innovation & Euro-Argo

European Commission recently granted the ERIC legal status to Euro-Argo, the European contribution to Argo – a global array of autonomous instruments deployed over the world ocean and reporting near-real time subsurface ocean properties to a wide range of users via satellite. This is the first marine infrastructure to be so recognised.

Euro-Argo ERIC is now a key player in the international global Earth observing systems. The consolidation of ocean observations by Euro-Argo will enable a sustainable exploration, exploitation and protection of the oceans, in line with the blue growth strategy, and will enhance the European COPERNICUS Earth observing programme.

Euro-Argo has received a total of six million euros of EU funding under FP7. France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, and United-Kingdom are members of Euro-Argo, hosted in Brest, France. Spain, Ireland, and Bulgaria will join it in the near future.

Read the press release from Euro-Argo ERIC here.

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