EuroGOOS Chairs and Executive Board Meetings, 14-15 October

EuroGOOS Chairs of working groups, task teams and Regional Operational Oceanographic Systems met jointly with the Executive Board, on 14 October. The meeting discussed the requirements for the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS), the process led by EuroGOOS together with the European Marine Board and other strategic actors. EOOS will underpin the full value chain, from observation priorities and infrastructures to data management and to end-users, spanning maritime operations, research, policy and society. In this respect, the EuroGOOS board called for an open EOOS forum to be convened in 2016. Identified as priority in the EuroGOOS strategic plan, EOOS process guides the development of all EuroGOOS activities.

The meeting also considered proposals for two new Task Teams, on marine mammal-borne observations and on fixed platforms. Both task team proposals were approved in principle by the Executive Board on 15 October.

Furthermore, the meeting delegates brainstormed on the EuroGOOS communication plan, developed as a strategic imperative for impact and growth. The EuroGOOS office presented the newly published brochure on the benefits of the EuroGOOS membership, to be disseminated both to the current and potential new members.

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