EuroGOOS-EMODnet Data Workshop in Germany: main outcomes

Directors, Presidents and Data Managers from 14 leading German marine institutes as well as the German Marine Research Consortium attended the last week’s EuroGOOS-EMODnet Data Workshop in Hamburg. The workshop, hosted by BSH, discussed the current state of data availability and coordination in Germany and Europe in general. Patrick Gorringe, EuroGOOS, presented the current European data landscape and its main actors. EuroGOOS plays a critical coordinating role building links and synergies among the data providers, aggregators and users, at both national, regional and pan-European scales.

Jan-Bart Calewaert and Antonio Novellino updated the participants on the EMODnet achievements in unlocking the dispersed data repositories and making data available in a one-stop shop. The workshop helped identifying several new national datasets which will now be made available through the EMODnet physics portal.

Furthermore, EuroGOOS activities in the Arctic and North-West-Shelf were presented by Henning Wehde (NOOS Chair) and Susanne Tamm (NOOS portal Data Manager). The EuroGOOS FerryBox Task Team, co-chaired by Franciscus Colijn and Wilhelm Peterson of HZG, showcased their activities and discussed how to improve the collaboration with shipping companies.

The participants welcomed the EuroGOOS and EMODnet initiative to hold such workshop for national institutes, as helping not only to get up to speed with the European developments but also discuss the national challenges. Moreover, the workshop participants tackled the question of how to improve interface with end-users, including stakeholder identification, engagement and collaboration, and to reach out to the users outside of the marine community.

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