Towards an Arctic GOOS Regional Alliance

Today starts the Arctic Science Summit Week during which an unprecedented series of events will take place nurturing understanding and dialogue among scientists, policymakers, journalists, and general public.

On the occasion of the Arctic Science Summit Week and the Arctic Observing Summit, EuroGOOS, GOOS and IOC-UNESCO have released a policy brief calling for an Arctic regional alliance within the GOOS system, the Arctic GOOS Regional Alliance.

Ocean observing efforts in the Arctic have historically been hindered by its remote location, harsh climate and the multi-year sea ice rendering access difficult. However, Arctic is undergoing rapid changes. A warming climate transforms the environment while at the same time allowing increased human presence in the area. These changes are increasing pressures on populations (human and ecosystems), environment, and industries, and drive the need for improved oceanographic operational and climate services.

The international scientific community has stressed the need for sustained ocean observing in the Arctic as a critical base for marine spatial planning and managing of maritime activities and governance, as well as building a science base to anticipate the system change and make informed decisions into the future.

The Global Ocean Observing System, GOOS, provides a platform for international and intergovernmental coordination of sustained ocean observations, provision of oceanographic products and services and a forum for stakeholders and end-users. An Arctic GOOS Regional Alliance will integrate pre-existing observing efforts, including the EuroGOOS Arctic Regional Operational Oceanographic System.

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